Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Furniture Makeovers w/ Cassie from Primitive & Proper

I'm so excited to have Cassie from Primitive and Proper here today.  She's such an inspiration, and every time I need a kick in the butt to get motivated on a project, I visit her blog.

Hello to all of Marcia's fans!  I am so excited to be here today on Marcia's blog.  She is so sweet, and talented, and MUCH better in the kitchen than I am!  I am Cassie from Primitive and Proper, where I blog about furniture makeovers, my home, crafts, life, and anything else I feel like.  In my few years of blogging I may have shared one recipe, maybe two.  So I am not here today to share any cooking tips- you don't want them from me!

Today, I am going to share with you some of my past furniture makeovers, with a little twist.  We all have the right to change our mind, right?  It's our prerogative.  Don't need permission, make my own decision... he he.
The makeovers I am going to share today are going to be madeover makeovers.... meaning pieces of furniture I have redone not just once, but twice.  We moved into our current home last fall, and with moves come change, naturally.

Recently in another guest post, I shared this Dorothy Draper knockoff I found.  When I first found it, it looked like this....

Then I gave it its first makeover, and it looked like this and was used in our family room.
And finally, the last outfit it wore before I decided to sell it.....

We also had these cute chairs that were in our playroom in our first house.  I can't find a picture of what they looked like after we painted them (they came unfinished) but here they are unfinished, prior to being painted blue and green.... (and that little baby is just about to turn 7, sniff sniff!)

When we redid the playroom in our last house they were repainted a pretty shade of turquoise...

And in this house, they are now being used in Sawyer's room and needed a makeover again!
This time, he chose the color- glossy cherry red, and it adds a nice pop to his Star Wars room.

Emmy also had a piece that had been done for her old room, and then needed another makeover after moving.  We bought this vintage vanity and stool for her room at our old house...

In her old room, orange was perfect....

But in her new room, pale pink was the best choice...

And finally, here is the last redone redo I will share today.  I bought this dresser intending to redo and sell a while back....

It had a nice clean modern shape that was perfect for a simple white treatment, so I painted it white., but then I loved it too much and kept it in my room!

Well, then I found THE MOST AMAZING dresser that was actually a little larger, too and gave us more storage.  This one needed some touch ups, so of course I just decided to repaint it entirely. :)  I wanted to give it a new, fresh look.   Here it is now....

Of course, the problem now is that I love it even more.  It won't work in my own room in pale pink, so for now it's sitting in my garage waiting for me to find a home in our home for it.  Or waiting for me to get up the courage to say good bye, and I am not sure that will happen any time soon!

Thank you so much, Marcia, for having me here today and allowing me to show that it is ok to be fickle indecisive lacking direction confident in whatever direction you want to go!  Never be afraid to change your mind!

(Me again) Big ol' Thank You to Cassie from sharing some of her amazing furniture makeovers while we're in Hotlanta.  Isn't she amazing?  Hop on over to Primitive and Proper to see even more awesome transformations.


  1. Love these! And so love the pink!

  2. LOVE all of these transformations and LOVE Cassie! She's the best!!!!!

  3. thank you so much for having me, marcia! hope you are enjoying summer!

  4. What awesome make-overs! Everything looks amazing!

  5. Nice post! Thank you for this!
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  6. These are some wonderful transformations.

  7. Cassie is so talented at furniture makeovers, isn't she Marcia?
    Hope you are enjoying the summer with your kiddos!


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